Saturday, August 27, 2016

Refashion Runway: The Tunic Challenge

Once again, thank you to everyone following along, sewing along, and voting in this fun competition.  It's been a challenge, but a lot of fun this season!

This week, on Refashion Runway the theme is tunic.  I actually made two tunics this week.  The first one started with a XL men's dress shirt.  After passing it by because of the price, I was fortunate to go back a week later and pick it up for half price.  I love a good deal! 

The tunic is versatile.  It can be worn with a slim skirt...

...or, by adding a flowy vest...

...or, worn casually with skinny jeans.

Either way, its definitely comfortable!


Stitch the front and back together at the shoulders.

After cutting new sleeves from the original ones, stitch the sleeves to the bodice,
followed by stitching the side seams.

Add a piece of lace to the "v" opening and stitch it to the back side by hand.  Bind the whole neckline, including the top edge of the lace, with bias tape.


My original plan was to give fullness to the back of the vest by gathering the back neck opening into the shawl collar.  I didn't like the way it looked, so I ended up cutting the top part of the back off to allow for a yoke.  I then gathered the lower part of the vest back into the yoke.  I liked the result much better.

Gather the top edge of the vest back and attach it to the yoke.

Stitch the front and back shoulder seams together.

Stitch the two halves together at the widest part.  Fold with right sides together and stitch across the bottom edge.  Turn to the outside and press the bottom seam.


The skirt was cut from a men's polo shirt.  I used a well-fitting skirt for a pattern.  I shortened my pattern at the top since I knew I was going to add a yoga-style waistband.  I retained the original hem of the shirt for my new skirt hem.

It was just a matter of stitching up the side seams and attaching the waistband which was cut from the original sleeves.


I started with a men's XL long sleeved basic t-shirt.

I forgot take a picture of the neckline, but all you do is cut away the original ribbing, serge the edge, if desired, turn it under 3/8" and top stitch.

And that's it, a super simple feminine tunic!

Thank's for following along.  And, thanks again to Beth for hosting this fun competition!

Be sure to check out the rest of the creative ladies participating in Refashion Runway and to vote for your favorite!

I like to link to these great parties!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Refashion Runway: The Button Challenge

First off, thanks to everyone following along, sewing along, and voting!  And, a big thanks to Beth for hosting this friendly sewing competition!

This week on Refashion Runway, the theme is buttons.  Of all the buttons to choose from, I went with basic white buttons.  But its what was needed to achieve the look I was going for.

I used a men's polo shirt, and an oversized pair of elastic waist pants to make a nautical inspired outfit.  I also made a self-drafted tote bag from a pillowcase, belt, jute rope, and fabric scraps.


After pinning to fit, stitch new seams and cut away excess.

If you're unfamiliar with sewing a kick pleat, Threads Magazine has a great how-to.  You can click on the image below to see the tutorial.

Continue adding buttons and button holes to the original pockets.


Don't worry about cutting across the existing front placket, it will be cutaway when you cut for a new v-neck.

Attach the original sleeve ribbing to your new v-neck.  If you are unfamiliar with the process, Beth, The Renegade Seamstress, has a great tutorial on ehow.


I also cut the same pattern from the lining and heavyweight stabilizer.
I basted the stabilizer to the outside fabric.

I also stitched 1 1/2" up along the bottom edge of the pockets, 
just like the outside pockets.
Pin the lining pieces, right sides together and stitch around the sides and bottom, 
leaving an opening for turning.

Once turned right side out, press the seams well.  Close the opening in the lining with some hand stitching.   Attach large eyelets around the top curve of the tote.  Attach the jute rope handles.

I'm ready for a fun day at sea!  If only I had a yacht!

Be sure to check out all of the creative button ideas on Refashion Runway 
and be sure to vote for your favorite!

I like to link to these great parties!

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