Thursday, March 30, 2017

Time Out From Tunics!

Sewing has been put on hold lately.  My hubby runs two businesses, home designing and general contracting, and I am the lucky person who gets to do all the bookkeeping!  Business tax returns are due one month earlier than personal tax returns and there was a mountain of receipts to organize and account for this year!  Luckily, I finished them in time and sent them off the afternoon of March 14, just in time for our tenth grandchild to be born later that night!  Needless to say, I have been happily busy doing the grandma thing!  I even had the privilege of doing the newborn photo shoot, of which I'm not a professional, but my price is right!  

Meet Isaiah Daniel...

We love this little guy and are so grateful he is a part of our growing family!

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's tunic time...part four!

Finally, a break in the rainy weather!  This simple tunic has been done for awhile, but the weather hasn't exactly been picture-taking weather.

This tunic started as an oversized t-shirt with white banding around the hemline.

I just simply made a cut a few inches above the hemline.

After taking in the sides a bit, I added a wide band of white t-shirt knit.  By placing the added band above the hemline, it gives the impression that it was always meant to be there and not just added on for length.

The final step was to raise the "too low" neckline by removing the existing white trim and adding a new piece of white knit fabric in its place.

Super simple, and super comfortable!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's tunic time...part three!

Tunic number three in my series was made from a t-shirt and skirt.  I liked the black and cream combination of the printed t-shirt and the gingham skirt.

I started by cutting off the lower section of the skirt.  The remaining skirt (not pictured) was long enough that I able to hem it and still use this
refashion was a two-fer!

With the skirt scraps, I cut a "shirt tail" piece and attached it 
to the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

I cut a Peter Pan collar and added it to the neckline.  I also added a faux button placket and a couple of buttons to the front.

I paired it with a black pencil skirt, boots, and wool jacket.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's tunic time...part two!

The second tunic in this series was just about as easy as the first one.  I started with a crop top that had a nice lace edging, and a long, pleated skirt.

I put on the crop top and determined how long I wanted my finished tunic to be.

I cut off the bottom half of the skirt to the predetermined length, retaining the original hem.

I carefully pinned all of the pleats in place and serged along the top edge of the skirting before attaching it to the top.

I was fortunate that the width of the skirting was already the width of the top, so no adjustments were necessary.

I then pinned the right side of the pleated skirt to the wrong side of the crop top at the point where the lace edging met the t-shirt fabric.

I topstitched the pleated skirt to the top, stitching along the top edge of the lace edging.  For modesty, I also stitched a strip of the skirt fabric to the back side of the lace that ran down the front of the top.

I love the flowiness of this top!  Although, it made for some fun times trying to photograph at the windy Oregon coast!

Stay tuned for more tunics!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's tunic time...part one!

Ever since the All-Star season of Refashion Runway when we were given the challenge of tunics, I have been in love!  Tunics are comfortable, flattering, and all around fun!  My next several posts will feature tunics.  Some are refashioned from dresses, some from skirts and tops, some from sweaters and t-shirts, and some from menswear.  

The first tunic of this series is about as simple as you can get.  I found an oversized denim dress made from a very soft, and lightweight denim.

As for refashioning, it was just a matter of cutting off the length, taking in the sides a bit, and adding a new rolled hem.

I used a topstitching thread that matched the existing stitching.

The back has a nice gathered detail.

For a different look, I added my brown fur vest.

Although I don't have a picture, the tunic also looks good with a t-shirt underneath and the front left unsnapped like a jacket.  

Stay tuned for more tunics!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Black and White

I love black and white stripes, prints, geometric shapes, etc!  I always seem to be drawn to them when I visit the thrift shops.  Check out these fun retro black and white numbers from the 60's.  I love them!

Well, the other day at the thrift shop, I noticed a 2XL dress that was really speaking to me.  It was saying, "Come on, for only $2.50 you can pick me up and make a retro-inspired mod dress!"  I couldn't ignore the voice, so I purchased it!

I loved the black and white striped pattern.  I didn't love, however, the fit, the bulky gathered skirt, and the uneven sewing on the waistband.  I put my 60's playlist on and dedicated the evening to sewing.  After a fair amount of tweaking, I was happy with the results.

It was little cold outside, so I wore it with boots and my black wool jacket.

See what I meant about the waistband?  It was completely uneven before.

I was able to cut a new one from the extra skirt fabric.  I think it's much better now!

Every mod dress needs some big, white, mod sunglasses!

Here's a brief tutorial of what I did.

I began by detaching the sleeves, the waistband, the skirt, and since the shoulders needed to be raised, I unpicked part of the neckline.

I put the bodice on my dress form and began pinning where it needed to be taken in, which was the sides and the shoulders.  I also took in the front and back bodice seams.

Once the shoulders were taken in, I restitched the neckline and facing.

Once the bodice fit the way I wanted it to, I recut the sleeve openings for a better fit.

I placed a gathering stitch along the top of the sleeves to give it some wearing ease.

After taking in the sleeves, I reattached them to the bodice.

I cut a new waistband, added interfacing, and then attached it to my bodice.

Next step was to cut the new skirt which was also sewn to the waistband.

Once I was happy with the fit, I finished the inside by lining the waistband.

All that was left was reattaching the bottom half of the invisible zipper in the back.

I'm happy with my new retro-inspired mod dress!

Thanks for looking!
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